Club Policies

  • The club shall contract for the use of skating facilities for all skating sessions required for club programs and events both for on-season and off-season events for a minimum of 24 weeks during the year, and shall provide to the club coach a schedule of availability of such facilities

  • The club shall provide the club coach with twenty-four hour advance notice of any change or cancellation of skating facility availability unless the club itself has not received such advance notification.

  • The club shall not be responsible for failure to supply ice due to any mechanical defect or failure, strike or walkout, negligence or oversight of employees, fire or other casualty, act of God, or cause beyond the control of the club.

  • The club shall ensure that adequate first-aid supplies are available for the treatment of common skating injuries during club sessions and events.

  • The club reserves the right to suspend private coaching privileges if a coach’s clientele drops below five skaters. This may be waived by the Director of Skating and the Board of Directors

  • The club shall, up on written notification to the club executive, support coaches should they encounter any difficulties in obtaining payment of delinquent fees after thirty days, as long as these monies are within the guidelines agreed up on between the appropriate coach and each of the students/parents.

  • The club shall, through the Director of Skating and the Vice President or designate conduct a performance review session with the skating director on at least a biannual basis at a mutually convenient time. The results of the performance review(s), to be mutually acknowledged by the Board of Directors and the club coach are to be used by the club in determining possible future contractual arrangements between the club and the club coach. Areas of performance requiring improvement, as identified through the review sessions(s), may be specified as such in future contracts and/or may result in conditional or probationary terms for contractual services pending improvement of a satisfactory performance level as determined by the coaches committee.

Membership Policies

  • No member may participate in any club activities until their membership dues are paid.

  • If a members dues or coaching fees are in arrears more than 30 days the club shall notify the member in writing giving 14 days notice for payment. If payment is not received after the 14-day notice the members participation privileges shall be suspended and the member will be considered not in good standing until payment is received.

  • The skating Director has the right to place skaters on another session due to membership situation or at the request of their base coach.

  • No parents coaching at rink side.

  • Skating class and off ice instructors have the right to dismiss skaters for lateness or inappropriate behavior.

  • During any session a coach instructing has the complete right of way. It is also understood that right of way will be given to skaters receiving a lesson. A skater skating the current music being played (solo, dance, or skill) has the right of way over all other skaters participating on the session.

  • No swearing, bullying temper tantrums, un sportsman like conduct or other inappropriate behavior will be tolerated. Do not put others at risk by kicking the ice. Do not stand or coast in the middle of the ice, be aware of a fast moving session. The Director, coaches, and instructors do have the right to dismiss any skater displaying inappropriate behavior; this may result in the athlete being suspended from the Oak Bay Figure Skating Club without refund.

  • All skaters participating on an Intermediate or Senior session not receiving a lesson will patch holes for the last 5 minutes of their session and promptly clear the ice at the allotted time.

  • The Oak Bay Figure Skating Club has a no refund policy.

  • There is an expectation that member families volunteer from time to time as per the current Oak Bay Figure Skating Club policy.

  • In order to skate more than two sessions per week, a member must have an Oak Bay Coach as their base coach. All coaches reserve the right to refuse service to a member. The club reserves the right to place said skater on the sessions with the lowest registration.

  • No coaches image may be published on any internet or social media platform without the coaches permission.

  • No photos or video recording on any session without permission from the director (or designate).

  • All social media posts with regard to club and Skate Canada members, their coach and/or their family must be positive in nature.

  • Social media posts that the Coaching staff and/or the Board of Directors find offensive, objectionable, showing illegal activities or of a questionable moral nature may result in a member’s privileges being suspended without refund.

Coaching Policies

  • The club coach understands that their priority is to the Oak Bay Figure Skating Club

  • The club coach shall maintain the Team Coaching Policy of the Oak Bay Figure Skating Club.

  • The club Coach agrees to give private and group instruction to members in accordance with the club ice schedule and consistent with the Club’s base coaching policy. The base coach shall endeavor to place an assistant coach on the skaters’ weekly schedule in consultation with the parents of the skater.

  • The club coach shall attend registration and communicate with skaters, parents and registration chairperson about registration procedures throughout the skating season.

  • The club coach shall be responsible for notifying the club a minimum of fourteen (14) days in advance for any session they are unable to attend, save and except for sickness and unforeseen circumstances, in which case the coach shall be responsible to find a replacement coach and notify the skating director and the club.

  • The club coach shall at all times abide by the bylaws, rules, regulations and policies of the club.

  • The club coach shall at all times conduct herself/himself in a professional manner and agrees to abide by the Skate Canada Coaching Code of Ethics.

  • The club coach shall maintain harmonious relations with all club members, coaches and instructors.

  • The club coach agrees to maintain quality standards of instruction and adhere to the professional educational standards as set out for coaches in the Skate Canada Rulebook under Section 2400 or as amended by policy from time to time.

  • The club coach shall work with the Executive and other coaches to ensure that all rules an regulations are adhered to and to maintain discipline during all sessions he/she works or when directed to do so by the club.

  • The club coach shall ensure that all students are aware of and comply with the rules and regulations of the club.

  • The club coach shall be responsible for ensuring that there is an adequate level of supervision for skaters for the duration of the session prior to leaving the session or the arena.

  • The club coach shall supply the club with a detailed monthly schedule or as otherwise agreed between the parties, of group lessons given.

  • The club coach shall attend any coaching meetings upon the request of the Vice President or the Director of Skating. The Coach shall also attend club executive committee and /or subcommittee meetings upon the request of the club. The coach is always welcome to attend the monthly Board meetings. Upon the request of the club, the coach shall attend on or more Vancouver Island Region tri-annual meetings.

  • The club coach shall assist the club with the preparation and production of test days, competitions, ice shows, awards, and orientations.

  • The club coach shall attend and participate in a performance review session to be held on a biannual basis and conducted by the Director of Skating and the Vice President or designate.

  • The club coach shall advise the club annually in writing by February 28, if he/she desires to enter negotiations for renewal of this agreement.

  • The club coach shall notify their clientele well in advance of any private lesson fee increase.

  • The club coach shall provide proof of Skate Canada registration and first aid certification annually by September 30th.

  • The club coach shall be aware that music recording charges are based on $22 per minute recorded which includes a master and a back up copy.

  • The club coach shall be aware that competition fees are as follows:

    • The current Skate Canada approved mileage rate

    • Hotel expense at the official hotel rate (coaches are encouraged to share accommodations)

    • A per diem expense of $55.00

    • The coach will invoice the skaters per segment skated on the following scale

      • 1 to 5 skaters 1.5 hours per segment skated.

      • 5 or more Skaters 1 hour per segment skated

    • Practice ice is billed at the regular rate of the individual coach.

    • Tests taken within the CRD will be billed at one lesson per segment and mileage is waived.

    • The Director of Skating will set the expense share based on the average coaches expenses.

  • The club coach may not teach private lessons during scheduled group sessions without the skating directors permission. Circumstances may warrant lessons to be given during these times, however it is to be done on a student rotation so no individual skater misses the group session on a regular basis.

  • The club coach shall discuss with the skating director any variation of schedule with regards to an individual skater.

  • The club coach shall assure that all extra ice bookings are booked by the director of skating. All extra ice sessions will then be posted so all members may participate. This also adheres to Skate Canada guidelines with regards to liability insurance coverage.

Attendance Policies

Oak Bay FSC attendance policy for intermediate and Senior sessions

  • Proper notice shall be timely conveyed to the coach if a skater will be missing a session. If said notice is not given, the skater will be charged for a "no show" lesson, and this will be noted on the coaches invoice. The standard notification usually reads "24 hours", but oftentimes this is not practical and the coaches will waive this notice procedure on an individual basis.

  • The coaches reserve the right to instruct the last skater on the ice during the first lessons slot and said lesson ends at the usual time. This is to prevent the usually prompt skaters receiving first lesson on a regular basis.

  • Access to the session is removed 10 minutes after the start time. Skaters without permission from the Coach and/or Director of skating may not skate on said session after 10 minutes have elapsed. Skaters may make arrangements to attend after this time has elapsed with their Coach and/or The Director of skating. Skater will be charged a "no show" lesson if one was scheduled for them on this session .


The above policy is in effect commencing with the first day of the Spring Session and will be in effect and enforced until further notice.

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