Membership Policies

  • No member may participate in any club activities until their membership dues are paid.

  • If a members dues or coaching fees are in arrears more than 30 days the club shall notify the member in writing giving 14 days notice for payment. If payment is not received after the 14-day notice the members participation privileges shall be suspended and the member will be considered not in good standing until payment is received.

  • The skating Director has the right to place skaters on another session due to membership situation or at the request of their base coach.

  • No parents coaching at rink side.

  • Skating class and off ice instructors have the right to dismiss skaters for lateness or inappropriate behavior.

  • During any session a coach instructing has the complete right of way. It is also understood that right of way will be given to skaters receiving a lesson. A skater skating the current music being played (solo, dance, or skill) has the right of way over all other skaters participating on the session.

  • No swearing, bullying temper tantrums, un sportsman like conduct or other inappropriate behavior will be tolerated. Do not put others at risk by kicking the ice. Do not stand or coast in the middle of the ice, be aware of a fast moving session. The Director, coaches, and instructors do have the right to dismiss any skater displaying inappropriate behavior; this may result in the athlete being suspended from the Oak Bay Figure Skating Club without refund.

  • All skaters participating on an Intermediate or Senior session not receiving a lesson will patch holes for the last 5 minutes of their session and promptly clear the ice at the allotted time.

  • The Oak Bay Figure Skating Club has a no refund policy.

  • There is an expectation that member families volunteer from time to time as per the current Oak Bay Figure Skating Club policy.

  • In order to skate more than two sessions per week, a member must have an Oak Bay Coach as their base coach. All coaches reserve the right to refuse service to a member. The club reserves the right to place said skater on the sessions with the lowest registration.

  • No coaches image may be published on any internet or social media platform without the coaches permission.

  • No photos or video recording on any session without permission from the director (or designate).

  • All social media posts with regard to club and Skate Canada members, their coach and/or their family must be positive in nature.

  • Social media posts that the Coaching staff and/or the Board of Directors find offensive, objectionable, showing illegal activities or of a questionable moral nature may result in a member’s privileges being suspended without refund.

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