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Skater Code of Conduct

General Guidelines


  1. Skaters must treat all individuals and property with dignity, courtesy, and respect, including but not limited to skaters, coaches, off-ice instructors, officials, volunteers, parents and building staff.

  2. Skaters should commit to an energized work ethic that enhances the training environment, and be supportive of fellow skaters.

  3. No skater is allowed on the ice without a qualified coach in attendance.

  4. Skaters should not interrupt a coach while a lesson is in progress.

  5. No food, drinks (with the exception of water), gum or candy are allowed on the ice surface. Items required for skating may be left at the boards; phones may be used during the session only with approval from a coach.

  6. Junior, Intermediate, and Senior skaters are expected to wear appropriate skating attire while on the ice (e.g. warmup jackets, leggings, skating dresses or skirts, etc.) and hair must not be a distraction, i.e. long hair to be tied back from the face.

  7. All skaters participating on an Intermediate or Senior session and not in a lesson will patch holes in the ice in the last 5 minutes of the session, or as otherwise directed by a coach or the Director.

  8. The Director, coaches, and off ice instructors have the right to dismiss skaters for lateness or inappropriate behaviour. Unsafe, unsportsmanlike, or inappropriate behaviour may result in the skater being suspended from the OBFSC without refund.


Skater’s “Right of Way” and other safety considerations


It is important that all skaters remember that they must always be looking around them while they are skating.  It is every skater’s responsibility to watch where they are going - no exceptions. Skaters shall make every attempt to maintain a safe distance from all other skaters and pay attention to the position of other skaters at all times. 


The "right of way" goes first to the soloist whose music is being played, then to the skaters in a lesson. Note that there are usually multiple lessons at the same time. Other skaters must avoid undue interference with the skaters who have the "right of way". Skaters having the "right of way" must also remember to keep an alert eye open to avoid collisions and may respectfully remind others of "right of way" (e.g. "excuse me").


All skaters must get up quickly after falling, unless injured, to not endanger other skaters or themselves on the ice.


Skaters must not stand in the middle of the ice. Skaters will move to the boards if a break is required. Always look both ways before leaving the boards.

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