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Oak Bay Figure Skating Club Executive

Current Executive

President - Alison Ramsay

Vice-President - Ruth Macintosh

Secretary - Nicola Donaldson
Financial Advisor - Karin Kwan
Fundraising Chair - Emily Scott
Test / Competition Chair - Heather Galey
Member at Large - Gino Conforti

Member at Large - Olaf Niemetscheck

Registrar - Kirsten Conforti

Director of Skating - Jamie McGrigor


All Board Members, including Members at Large, shall:
  • Act as liaison between membership and the Executive Board;

  • Attend monthly Board meetings and AGM as a voting member;

  • Understand and demonstrate a commitment to the Club’s mission and programs;

  • Maintain confidentiality and avoid any potential conflicts of interest;

  • Act honestly and in good faith with a view to the best interests of the Club.

    Overview of Executive Positions

  • Calls and presides over Club meetings, including the AGM.

  • Works with Secretary to prepare agenda for meetings. Prepares a written report summarizing

    the Club’s overall organizational performance and program results for the AGM.

  • Liaises with the Director of Skating.

  • Attends the tri‐annual Vancouver Island Region meetings; keeps Board members current on

    National, Sectional, and Regional skating matters.

  • Sees that the Club is run according to the rules of Skate Canada, the Societies Act, B.C. Gaming

    Commission, and Labour Standards.

  • Performs various annual compliance and administrative tasks.

    Past President

  • Assists the Board in maintaining continuity in Club operations.

  • Acts as an advisor.


Vice President
  • Responsible for personnel, standards and procedures, including contracts.

  • Oversees coach/staff recognition and related events.

  • Assists the President in the performance of their duties and acts as President in the event of

    their absence.

  • Issues notices of Board, Club, and Annual General meetings.

  • Works with President to prepare and distribute agenda for meetings.

  • Keeps accurate record of minutes of meetings of the Club and the Board, and maintains an

    electronic file of minutes and other Board documents.

  • Ensures that Board members have been provided with relevant documentation including Skate

    Canada and similar policies.

  • Oversees a bookkeeper and is ultimately responsible for the keeping of the Club’s financial records, and payment of expenses and payroll.

  • Reports to the Board on the financial position of the Club.

  • Prepares annual budget and year-end financial statements for the AGM.

  • Oversees annual application process for BC Gaming Grant.

    Fundraising Chair

  • Develops an annual fundraising plan at the beginning of the year.

  • Provides leadership and direction on fundraising activities.

  • Files reports for fundraising projects and submits financial information to Treasurer.​

Test Chair

  • Stays current with Skate Canada test policies and performs the activities necessary for the smooth functioning of test days, in compliance with Skate Canada requirements.

  • Works with Director of Skating and judge(s) to set test day dates for each upcoming year.


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