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Club Policies

  • The OBFSC shall not be responsible for failure to supply ice due to any cause beyond the control of the club.

  • Should safety conditions necessitate ice resurfacing, OBFSC reserves the right to deduct the necessary time from any session without reimbursement. 

  • In accordance with Skate Canada policy, helmets must be worn by all skaters who have not passed CanSkate Level 5. 

  • If a member’s dues or coaching fees are in arrears more than 30 days, the club shall notify the member in writing giving 14 days notice for payment. If payment is not received after the 14-day notice the member’s participation shall be suspended.

  • OBFSC is unable to offer refunds on skating program fees or Skate Canada membership fees.

  • Attendance policies for Intermediate and Senior skaters: appropriate notice shall be conveyed to the coach if a skater will be missing a session; skater may be charged for a “no show” lesson at the coach’s discretion. Coaches reserve the right to instruct the last skater on the ice during the first lesson slot and said lesson ends at the usual time, to prevent the usually prompt skaters receiving first lesson on a regular basis. Access to the session is removed 10 minutes after the start time unless arrangements are made with the Coach and/or the Director; the skater may be charged a "no show" lesson if one was scheduled for them on this session.

  • All OBFSC stakeholders (including skaters, parents/guardians, coaches, and volunteers) are required to exercise good judgment in their use of social media and conduct themselves in a positive, responsible, and respectful manner when contributing and interacting in online spaces. Users are not permitted to post information, photos or other representations of inappropriate behaviour, or items that could be interpreted as demeaning or inflammatory. Confidential or proprietary information should not be publicized on social media channels.

  • By completing the registration process, the skater (over the age of 18 years) or parent/guardian expressly grants to Skate Canada/Oak Bay Figure Skating Club the right, privilege and license to use the skater's picture or likeness in any photograph, movie, video production or any other forms of media publication and to use the skater’s verbal or written statements or declarations for the purpose of publicizing, fostering and promoting the OBFSC’s programs. Please contact the club in writing at with any concerns.


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