Club Policies

  • The club shall contract for the use of skating facilities for all skating sessions required for club programs and events both for on-season and off-season events for a minimum of 24 weeks during the year, and shall provide to the club coach a schedule of availability of such facilities

  • The club shall provide the club coach with twenty-four hour advance notice of any change or cancellation of skating facility availability unless the club itself has not received such advance notification.

  • The club shall not be responsible for failure to supply ice due to any mechanical defect or failure, strike or walkout, negligence or oversight of employees, fire or other casualty, act of God, or cause beyond the control of the club.

  • The club shall ensure that adequate first-aid supplies are available for the treatment of common skating injuries during club sessions and events.

  • The club reserves the right to suspend private coaching privileges if a coach’s clientele drops below five skaters. This may be waived by the Director of Skating and the Board of Directors

  • The club shall, up on written notification to the club executive, support coaches should they encounter any difficulties in obtaining payment of delinquent fees after thirty days, as long as these monies are within the guidelines agreed up on between the appropriate coach and each of the students/parents.

  • The club shall, through the Director of Skating and the Vice President or designate conduct a performance review session with the skating director on at least a biannual basis at a mutually convenient time. The results of the performance review(s), to be mutually acknowledged by the Board of Directors and the club coach are to be used by the club in determining possible future contractual arrangements between the club and the club coach. Areas of performance requiring improvement, as identified through the review sessions(s), may be specified as such in future contracts and/or may result in conditional or probationary terms for contractual services pending improvement of a satisfactory performance level as determined by the coaches committee.