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Attendance Policies

Oak Bay FSC attendance policy for intermediate and Senior sessions

  • Proper notice shall be timely conveyed to the coach if a skater will be missing a session. If said notice is not given, the skater will be charged for a "no show" lesson, and this will be noted on the coaches invoice. The standard notification usually reads "24 hours", but oftentimes this is not practical and the coaches will waive this notice procedure on an individual basis.

  • The coaches reserve the right to instruct the last skater on the ice during the first lessons slot and said lesson ends at the usual time. This is to prevent the usually prompt skaters receiving first lesson on a regular basis.

  • Access to the session is removed 10 minutes after the start time. Skaters without permission from the Coach and/or Director of skating may not skate on said session after 10 minutes have elapsed. Skaters may make arrangements to attend after this time has elapsed with their Coach and/or The Director of skating. Skater will be charged a "no show" lesson if one was scheduled for them on this session .


The above policy is in effect commencing with the first day of the Spring Session 2018 and will be in effect and enforced until further notice.

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